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Signature Programs

To educate, elevate, and empower the women and girls we serve, we have designed multiple workshops and programs. Each workshop and program will help to build women and girls into strong community leaders who will build strong communities. 

Empowering Workshops

Book one of our workshops that are designed to educate, elevate, and empower women and girls. Topics include: physical health and wellness, mental health and wellness, financial literacy, domestic violence, continuing education, homebuying, parenting, women's empowerment. Youth topics include: anti-bullying, self-esteem and self-image, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, domestic violence (teens), and leadership.


DIVA Dolls

DIVA Dolls is our youth development program for girls in grades 4-6. Through mentoring, teaching, and coaching, we provide unique experiences, opportunities and resources to prepare our girls for leadership in the community. Our curriculum consists of fun engaging sessions, parent workshops, community service projects and much more!


CROWN, is our transformational life-coaching program for women to help them launch their own non-profit, business, or community program. This program is designed to connect women to community resources, opportunities, and experiences that will empower them to lead businesses or organizations that will change the narrative of the communities they will serve. 

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#DIVAReads is a book club for women desiring to transform their lives and communities. This "not your average" book club not only focuses on reading material that empower women to live their best life but also hosts activities/events and connect women to resources in the community. 

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